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Your Training Course Platform for the Digital Tachograph

Whether you’re interested in legally mandated courses for authorized truck shop staff, driver and contractor training or seminars for instructors, the VDO Academy always has the right course offerings for learning the tasks and duties associated with the digital tachograph.

Our authorized and experienced instructors will provide you professional and practice-oriented training for safe and assured use of the digital tachograph in accordance with all relevant EU regulations.

VDO Academy: Your expert partner for training and instruction related to the digital tachograph. Learn directly from the DTCO manufacturer

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Training numberTitleTraining session startTraining session endLocationAvailable 
T-Web SchulungTIS-Web SchulungTraining session start24.09.2021 09:00Training session end24.09.2021 13:00LocationHannoverAvailable5
T-Web SchulungTIS-Web SchulungTraining session start29.10.2021 09:00Training session end29.10.2021 13:00LocationBielefeldAvailable5
T-Web SchulungTIS-Web SchulungTraining session start17.12.2021 09:00Training session end17.12.2021 13:00LocationKasselAvailable5
U-Schulung DTCOUnternehmer-Schulung digitaler FahrtenschreiberTraining session start10.09.2021 09:00Training session end10.09.2021 12:00LocationHannoverAvailable10
U-Schulung DTCOUnternehmer-Schulung digitaler FahrtenschreiberTraining session start15.10.2021 09:00Training session end15.10.2021 12:00LocationBielefeldAvailable10
U-Schulung DTCOUnternehmer-Schulung digitaler FahrtenschreiberTraining session start03.12.2021 09:00Training session end03.12.2021 12:00LocationKasselAvailable10

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